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Form and Manage your team by selecting playing 11 before each game
Points get awarded based on your team players performance in actual IPL match on that day.
  • Tense Finish in NEWTON SURREY IPL
  • 3 teams making tough fight for final 2 spots
  • TELCO WARRIORS and bcipl being highest on points table qualify for final
  • Tough luck for KINGS X1 , who fought got 2 wins in knock out round but could not qualify for finals
  • This is the best league with very less difference between teams on points table...
  • On Total scores table again TElco warriors toped the table followed by bcipl and andaz apana apana teams
  • -----------------------------
  • KidsChotaIPL had very intersting league as well
  • ChallengerTeam topped the points and total scores table
  • ChallengerTeam to meet Roman O Romeys in Grand Final
  • Super Sixers and SP11 teams fought hard to qualify but could not get passed the knockout stage
  • -----------------------------
  • MyIPL league is ready with 2 Final Teams
  • super 11 and warriors lead the league from start and now face each other in final
  • League had 2 clear leaders followed by 4 other teams very close on points table...
  • -----------------------------
  • The Game in nutshell :

    Each League can have max 9 teams, each team can have max 20 players, which are allocated first by a simple but exciting bidding process and then by auto allocation. After teams are ready Draws are formed , in such a way that every team plays every day. If your team has players who play on that particular day in any of the IPL match, then you get points according to the league rules. If you score more points than your opponent (based on league draw) then you win that match..this continues inline with the IPL 2013 format/Schedule, and if you keep beating your opponents you become Winner of your league... Each League is like a separate domain or profile, so you can take part in more than one league :)

    Its very simple but much more interesting than it looks, you have to be smart enough to bid for good players - who will play & perform in most of the actual IPL2013 matches- while maintaining sufficient Balance (virtual); you have to select your playing 11's before the game carefully so that you get max points possible; and finally you need to trade your non performing players as well to keep the balance.

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